Financial Accounting Services

Find Accounting Services in Bangkok

You have a company in Thailand and you prefer to outsource your accounting, your financial reports?
You don’t want to hire an accountant?

Our financial accounting services help you to run your business more easily and more efficiently! Through an experienced staff in accounting and a good knowledge of the classic financial and bookkeeping issues, we provide monthly / yearly accounting tasks, tax filing and financial reports in option. ATa Services provides you the best solution to avoid wasting time through our expertise.

Our accounting services include

  1. Tax filing services each month, including PND. 1, PND. 3, PND. 53, PP30 and do purchase report and Selling report
  2. Recording accounting system with accounting software that Thai Revenue department has accepted, a daily account book, ledger accounting and tax requirements
  3. Filing Services to submit social security contributions and submission to social insurance department
  4. Tax Filing Services estimates tax half- year (PND. 51) and tax year-end (PND. 50)
  5. Trial conducted annually audited by an auditor. With detailed financial information, including bank reconciliation statements, detailed accounts – accounts payable balances, assets. Depreciation and Amortization

Do you have any questions about our accounting services?

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ATa Services, your business solution.

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