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Your Office Rental in Bangkok at the most affordable price

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Need an Office Rental in Bangkok?

Are you starting a new business in Thailand or do you simply want to find a new location and an office in Bangkok?
In any case, if you are looking for an office rental in Bangkok, ATa Services is the right place for you and offers you the best solution: rent an office in our Bangkok business center.

As a branch of ATa Services dedicated to the rental offices, ATa Office Rental is one of the best and cheapest office rental companies in Bangkok. We propose to our customers different kind of offices for rent, from serviced offices to virtual offices and meeting room rental.

serviced office for rent with desk, chairs and flowers

Serviced Offices

If you try to find a small office for rent in Bangkok or a bigger office for all of your team, our serviced offices provide a full range of services. With renting a full furnished office, ATa Office Rental takes care of everything for you, as for example mail pick up, office cleaning, telephone lines and so on. Find out our serviced offices and get fully furnished offices for rent in Bangkok at an affordable price!

phone answering services included in our virtual office rental

Virtual Offices

Try our Virtual offices services! Get a prestigious and representative business address within our business center in Bangkok. Get also an operator who can speak in Thai and in English and who will send to you report on your phone calls. Check out the benefits from our virtual office rental.

meeting room rental

Meeting Room Rental

Are you looking to rent a meeting room in Bangkok? For organizing conferences or business meetings, our modern meeting room suits your requirements. Our assistants will provide supports and serve coffee tea to your guesses.


ATa Services Your Business Solutions!

ATa Serviced office in Bangkok:
You need an office in Bangkok? Ata services got one for you! from 1 to 4 people.

Serviced Office in Bangkok
• Serviced office fees:  25,000 THB/Month.


ATa Services Your Business Solutions!

ATa Serviced office in Bangkok:
You need an office in Bangkok? Windows side 25m2 for 1 to 5 people?

Serviced Office in Bangkok
• Serviced office fees:  28,000 THB/Month.

Meeting Room
Our meeting room is available up to 10-15 people
• Hourly rate: 500 B/hr.
• Daily rate: 3,500 B/d.

Virtual office
Company address registration Post office operator
• from 2,500 B to 5,000B/Month

Join our Bangkok Business Center

Do you want to create your business or developing a subsidiary in Thailand simply and economically? As a Bangkok business center, ATa Services helps companies in all their background activities. Indeed, more than providing business offices for rent, we propose a wide range of business services and support. We handle your administrative, financial and other time-consuming duties. Focus on your business without having to worry about all the administrative tasks that take up your time! ATa Services look after everything!

Advantages of a business center in Bangkok

  • Rent the space you need, in a dynamic city like Bangkok
  • Start a business without investing too much time and money
  • Quick set up
  • Facilities and equipment in line with global standards to accommodate our customers
  • Prestigious address
  • An operator is already working for you
  • ATa Services takes care of all you need in the office

 Accounting Services

More than providing office rental in Bangkok, we offer payroll, accounting and admin services. Don’t waste your time with financial reports and tax preoccupations.

 Recruitment services

As part of our business center in Bangkok, you can benefit from our recruitment services. Discover our HR expertise.

 PEO Arrangement

ATa Services offers a comprehensive approach to supporting our customers manage their human resources, for foreign employees as well as for Thai employees.

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